Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is a relatively simple process that is used to shape a variety of plastics such as HIPS, Acrylic & PETG by way of heating to an appropriate temperature and stretching it around or into a mold or pattern. It is then conformed to the mold by applying vacuum pressure between the mold surface and the plastic sheet creating the desired shape.


Cyplex Plastics has over 30 years experience in design and manufacturing vacuum formed display units. Not only is vacuum forming a more cost effective way to produce eye catching, professional displays, the production time is a lot faster than a regular fabricated unit. Vacuum forming can be used to produce many Point of Purchase (POP) displays such as counter trays, floor stands, gravity feeders, light boxes and more.


The other positive to vacuum forming is we can screen print the material in house prior to forming it so you can have your company colours matched to the exact PMS colour required.


Advantages of vacuum forming:

  • Short turnaround time on production tools
  • Tool modifications are low cost
  • Short production set up time
  • Required investment in tooling is relatively low
  • Ability to pre-print direct to material prior to forming
  • Wide range of suitable materials


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